Max-Planck-Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences, Leipzig, Germany

  • Winter 2014: Seminar “High-dimensional data analysis”
  • Summer 2014: Lecture “Self-organization in computational neurosciences” (joint with Anna Levina)
  • Summer 2013: Lecture “An Introduction to Computational Neuroscience: Modeling, Simulation and Data Analysis”

University of Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany

  • Summer 2011: Lecture “Geometry” (assisting to Prof. E. Teufel)
  • Winter 2010/11: Lecture “Computer Mathematics” (assisting Prof. H. Harbrecht)
  • Summer 2010: Lecture “Programming in C”
  • Winter 2007/08: Lecture “Introduction to Algebra and Geometry” (assisting Prof. W. Kimmerle)

Summer Schools

Freelance trainer